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At Tensa Construcciones we are a general contractor construction company that through experience and professionalism, excels in industrial construction. We design and build the spaces in where the most important companies in the country operate.

Since 1995 we have been building spaces that industry, commerce and business require to operate successfully.


With presence throughout the national territory, we demonstrate with facts that engineering, honesty and service are pillars on which great relationships are built with clients who to this day continue to entrust us with the engineering and construction of their most important projects


Design and build high quality buildings with safe processes and respect for the community.


To be a construction company that works with leadership, professionalism, values, and high quality.

Our passion for our work drives us to create flexible solutions that adapt to any of your needs.

Passion moves us to commit with your projects to find flexible and valuable solutions for your needs.

Our “Tensa Standard” in quality and delivery times adapts to even the most demanding projects. It is a pleasure to team up with you.

It is a pleasure for us to team up with you.

Tensa Construcciones


Tensa Experiencia

Standard Tensa Time and Form

Tensa Quality and Time Standard: Our main priority is always to deliver in time. That’s why we make use of tools and strategies that allow us to plan, execute and resolve according to each specific project. We deploy and mobilize resources, workforce, and talent in an agile and punctual manner to secure the success of the job.

Tensa Mejores tiempos de ejecución


We prioritize client satisfaction. Open communication and professionalism in every step is the way we do this.

Tensa Presencia

Industrial Safety

Safety is the way to go. Responsibility in our construction projects allows us not only to comply with safety regulations, but to exceed them.

Tensa Seguridad industrial

27+ years of experience

The talent, resources and skills acquired and developed throughout our 27 years in business allow us to design and build the most demanding construction projects.


We are happy to comply with LEED, FM and any certification that your project may require.


Industrial Plants

Commercial Warehouses

Turnkey projects or BTS: design and construction in an integrated manner

Project and Engineering Coordination with BIM Methodology

Civil Works and Masonry

Tilt Up and Precast Walls

Metal Structure

Metal Covers




Juan Palomar y Arias No. 158
Col. Jardines Vallarta
C.P. 45027 Zapopan, Jalisco
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Calzada del Valle 255 Int. 251
Del Valle, San Pedro Garza García
Nuevo León
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Tell us about the project you have in mind, we would love to team up with you.