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  • Quality and Service and Commitment


  • In Tensa Construcciones, our priority is always to achieve the satisfaction of our customers. That's why we allocate our resources to produce high-quality work within the established timeframe.

    Our projects are recognized for their high level of commitment and customer service.

    We establish clear and efficient lines of work and communication, through which we generate solutions to the situations that arise.

    We ensure that you are in control of your project and deliver a successful outcome.


  • For us, the pre-construction phase is our greatest opportunity to reduce project risk.

    That's why our design and engineering team operates under BIM standards and frameworks that promote problem-solving, interference resolution, and changes through efficient communication and coordination. We thoroughly study and understand each project, thereby generating value-driven proposals and engineering solutions.

    We design using the most advanced modeling software, harnessing the power of cloud computing and artificial intelligence. We utilize tools that allow us to visualize and address situations digitally, thus preventing errors in the field.

    Our methodology adapts to the specific needs of each project, selecting and implementing the most appropriate BIM practices for each one. On-site, we work with tools that enable us to translate models into the environment through 360° images and augmented reality.


  • We design with the most advanced modeling software, leveraging cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

    We use tools that allow us to visualize and resolve situations digitally., evitando así errores en campo.

    Our methodology adapts to the needs of each project, selecting and executing the most appropriate BIM uses for each one.

    In the field, we work with tools that allow us to transfer the models to the environment, through 360° images and augmented reality.



  • We build using our "Lean Construction Tensa" methodology, which prioritizes and promotes collaborative planning and monitoring practices that emphasize transparency in information, prompt and open communication, and agile resolution of constraints.

    With this approach, we ensure visibility among project stakeholders, minimize unforeseen interferences, and reduce waste.

    Continuous improvement is part of our DNA, so we are constantly seeking new tools that make us more efficient in delivering the results you need.


  • To meet the needs and demands of the most challenging projects, we have an extensive fleet of vehicles, machinery, and tools, which allows us to respond swiftly, adapt to the project, and always provide the necessary resources.


  • Our workforce consists of skilled laborers experienced in our construction processes who remain with us throughout the projects, ensuring a level of quality that only experience and acquired expertise can provide.

    This results in increased efficiency and communication while minimizing the learning curve.

    Regardless of the location, our performance remains consistent.


  • Tensa Construcciones is part of Grupo Tensa, a conglomerate of companies dedicated to the construction sector in Mexico.

    Our commercial alliances with the best companies in the market make us stronger and more competitive.


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+150 Successful projects

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+1.5 Million square meters of built-up área

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+250,000 m3 of concrete placed

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+33,000 Tons of steel structure in place



Juan Palomar y Arias No. 158
Col. Jardines Vallarta
C.P. 45027 Zapopan, Jalisco
Tel. 33 3151 1910

Calzada del Valle 255 Int. 251
Del Valle, San Pedro Garza García
Nuevo León
Tel. 81 8262 8390

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