About us


Since 1995 we have created a place for the industry, commerce and business needs to operate successfully.

With presence throughout the national territory, we demonstrate with facts that engineering, honesty, and service are the pillars on which great relationships are built with clients who to this day continue to entrust us with the engineering and construction of their most important projects.

Our mission
Design and build quality industrial spaces with safe processes and respect for the community.

Our vision
To be a construction company with leadership, professionalism, values and quality.

Our passion for good work moves us to create flexible solutions that can be adapted to any of your needs.

When you add commitment to constant updating and innovation you get a responsible, highly advanced building that is worthy of any certification.

We adapt to your world with a warranty to meet quality standards and delivery times. For us it’s a pleasure to team up with you.

Our Strengths

National Presence

We have experience in different states of our republic, always adapting to rules and requirements of each of them.

The best execution times

More than two decades' experience allows us to offer you time and quality warranties by adapting to your more specific needs.

Industrial Safety

The level of responsibility and sophistication that we adhere throughout the construction process has earned us the highest overall safety grades under the strictest industry standards.

25+ years' experience

Since 1995 we have been building the right spaces for industry and commerce to operate successfully. This passion for providing the right solutions has led us to establish long-lasting relationships with clients who still entrust us with their most important construction projects.